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Daily Reminder


As I step out of my winter casita, I see this smiling face and take it as a nice reminder to start the day in inner peace.


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Exercise/Inspirational Daily Website http://www.freedailyfit...

I like having a daily reminder, inspiration, or activity show up in my inbox.  Take a look at this website and see what you think.  Something simple to enhance your life and help keep you on track for healthy living.

Today’s message:

Consistency in both diet and exercise is a huge component of
achieving the health, body, and energy you want.  Most of us would
never think of going a day without brushing our teeth or eating
dinner.  Do some kind of movement, flexibility or strength exercise
every day.  Trust me, you will feel so much better.  Here’s a tip
… make a list of a few exercise routines that you can do in 15
minutes or less.  You’ll see some great 15 minute workouts coming
soon in your free daily fitness tips!  Go to this list on days
that you are busy or
tired (or even travelling) … this way you can keep up this wonderful key to health and
fitness – Consistency!
To Your Health,

Coach Jim
To Your Wealth, LLC, PO Box 81, Norden, CA 95724, USA

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