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New Weight Distribution/Fitness Program



Dusky Sound, New Zealand

Cruising has created a new meaning to weight distribution while walking, running, sleeping, etc. It isn’t often that we are living off the land.  While out on the open seas, the waves have been escalated as we headed towards the southern tip of New Zealand.  Awesome to experience the diversity of nature, but running on the treadmill has taken on a new state of awareness. I see a new future in the fitness industry–put the cardio machines on an unstable platform that can be set on varying degrees of movement, so inner awareness, flexibility, weight distribution, fitness, balance, and more all rolled into one efficient work out. One other bonus to running/walking in one place for a long time is that I have spotted whales and dolphins.

One other aspect of wellness that I haven’t experienced, since living in Germany during the early 90’s is the sauna; a sauna that is truly hot and challenges fitness from another angle.  I am starting to remember that there was a conditioning process for withstanding the more extreme heat in a box, a great way to sweat out toxins, and more.  I have found that the sauna’s in the US are often luke-warm, but I can understand the conservative approach since there are risks to being “cooked.”
Having fun making the Daily Selfseeds iMovies as I travel. Each place has a story and a texture that is fun to try and capture through photos.
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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!


Sydney, Australia



Gym window onboard the cruise ship. Selfseeds Fitness



Sydney Opera House (Amazing inside and outside!)



No excuses not to exercise with these views. Nice parking spot!



Sydney Harbor



Solarium (Selfseeds Stillness)



Sydney (view from the harbor.) (Personalize 5 Selfseeds)



Home for 12 days, Sydney to Auckland. Selfseeds abundance!


No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting, or nurturing one of your own selfseeds daily! The Selfeed community would love to have you add one of your favorites!  Send a newsletter or Daily Selfseed video to a friend, family member, significant other and inspire the start of a Selfseed garden.

The Selseeds travel collection continues… Selfseeds #101 through #108 (view videos below.)


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