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Creative Partnering Exercise

Hiking with four-leggeds and two-leggeds!!!

Looking forward to the Selfseeds for the Equestrian Workshop at the Strang Ranch tomorrow!

Selfseeds Carbondale 2017


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Starting The Walk At 7, 200 ft. Elevation


Starting a hike at 7,200 ft elevation and immediately walking up immediately tests one’s fitness. The raw beauty makes one feel profoundly humble to be part of something much bigger then one’s self. I will put the total experience in the Selfseeds Personalize 5 category even though the hike was several hours.





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Look Around. What Does This Inspire?


Look around. What does this inspire?

Selfseeds Stillness

Selfseeds Emotions

Selfseeds Fitness

Selfseeds Personalize 5



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Six Weeks of Selfseeds: Carbondale, Colorado


Offering a six week introductory/exploratory self awareness/mindfulness practice for equestrians. Improving one’s relationship with the horse requires examining one’s self on a mind, body, and soul level. The six week program will include an introduction to the 11 Selfseeds, a weekly exploration of two Selfseeds applied to the one’s self and the horse, regular meetings to share observations/ask questions, and a final wrap-up. There is no charge, but participants committed to the six week program are encouraged.

Selfseeds was designed to help two-leggeds understand what are important aspects for communicating with four-leggeds. Originally, I was asked to create a program called Ride Like A Dancer that combined my experience with classical dressage training, horsemanship, and ballroom dancing for insight into the challenges of partnering. Over time, the program grew into Selfseeds which is a template for developing one’s wellness/awareness as a sacred garden. The 11 Selfseeds are relevant for both the rider and the horse: nutrition, fitness, stillness, emotions, weight distribution, flexibility, balance, rhythm, integrative band, partnering, and personalize 5. Pick one or several Selfseeds and start planting your personal garden.

Where: Carbondale, Colorado

When: Mid-July 2016 through the end of August

How often: weekly

Cost: commitment

Facilitator: Sue Eoff in conjunction with Maree McAteer.

Contact: Sue or Maree


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