Outer and inner rhythm

 As I am increasing my running time and difficulty, I can really appreciate how focusing on the rhythm is very important.  The physical therapist taught me about a foot strike timing to use as a guideline and it is helping me to stay focused when I get tired.  My tendency is to take long strides which compromises my hip, knee, and ankle joints (injury in the making…), but with the rhythm of shorter steps and quicker turnover it is keeping my range of movement in a much safer zone.   I am still shocked that I am running on pavement without strain.  Enjoying the magic of putting in the time and seeing how the growth in endurance, cardio capacity, and muscle fatigue are improving without it being a mental strain.

The rhythm in sitting is internal.  I am aware of my breath and heart beat.  Listening and sensing  the rhythm of them both can be very soothing and calming.  Having gratitude for their presence can lead me from the felt sense of my physical heart to a deeper sense of  my spiritual heart.

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