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Integrative Band

The “I”-band dynamically improves coordination and posture.

There are a lot of different pathways to getting to know yourself.

The integrative band (“I” band) gives you tangible feedback for sensing: your breathing, core engagement and relaxation, independent use of arms and legs, to name a few.

Integrating all of it creates a flexible, well organized body from the inside to the outside.

It is something that is easy to keep in your purse, a drawer in your desk, or in the glove compartment of your car.

Where else could you benefit from the use of it?

Warming up for a sports activity: increasing your inner awareness, so you can perform more effectively.

A refreshing moment at your work space. Most work activity requires focus outside of your body–mentally and physically. This outward flow often creates fatigue.

Take 5 minutes to draw your focus inward: improve mental sharpness, stiffness, energy levels, and stress relief

Learn to recycle your energy from the inside (breath) to the outside (core and appendages).

Selfseeds Integrative Band Videos: