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The essence of SELFSEEDS

Even though the origins of Selfseeds began 10 years ago with a seminar for riders to improve their “partnering skills/awareness,” the current version of Selfeeds started to crystalize a year ago.  I have worked with the 5 minute practices for years in my daily life, but integrating the practices while traveling has taken on yet another dimension.  I have recently returned from a three month adventure to South Africa and India where I went to experience the root of human civilization, the sacred land for free roaming animal populations, and one of the ancient spiritual touchstones. While I was traveling, I didn’t have access to a gym or workout area, so I started to get creative with how to stay in touch with health and fitness from a different vantage point.  Selfseeds began to take on yet another dimension

In my vision for Selfseeds, it starts with the essence, idea, or thought of each of the 11 suggested points of human wellness.  The essence(s) can then start to take form in the system or how to construct a plan of action for activating, integrating, or germinating the Seeds.  The next phase of growth comes from the program which is comprised of the actual 5 minute practices.  The encouragement is to recognize the benefits of even 5 minutes of a practice whether it is stillness, flexibility, balance, or the list goes on… If you are inspired to do more, wonderful, but start with being inspired to start.



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