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Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program

Do you want to develop, improve, or problem solve aspects of your riding partnership?

Have you ever wanted a personalized program for both you and your horse to:

  • Improve alignment, timing, feel, and sensing abilities while riding?

  • Learn key and subtle elements for clear communication in the riding partnership?

  • Get a personalized fitness and riding plan to obtain maximum results?

If yes, then the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is for you!

Welcome to Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program. As the founder, Susan Eoff, I have created this online program to give you a personalized approach for improving your self awareness, partnership with your horse, and riding performance. With over 20 years of teaching riding live, working with videos for international horse sales, and reviewing human assessments through videos, the inspiration to create a virtual guidance program for riders emerged.  The fundamental tools I draw upon are dressage (classical and competitive/USDF fourth level certified), distance riding, jumping, ballroom dancing, fitness training (NASM), and a spiritual path in India.

I work with you by helping you to develop a Self-map through video assessments (see–Why are assessments so important?) and a written history.  In order to provide clear, accurate information for maximum results, I need to create a baseline developed from the Human Movement System, your riding skills/level, plus the history of both horse and rider. The 11 components of Selfseeds ( are the template for the rider’s development and my international, multi-disciplined horse experience ( support the horse’s development.

We all need eyes on the ground and insights into our often too familiar self to make changes, refine what can be improved, or get ideas outside of our own box of tools.  My life process has been dedicated to this approach, so I am excited to help you on this remarkable journey with the horse through developing exercises, suggesting techniques, sharing observations, and cheerleading you on! The feedback can be shared through email, Skype, Facetime, video, etc. depending on where you or I am in the world at the time of correspondence!!

Let’s get started!!



Here’s how it works:



1. Learn why assessments are so important and watch the sample videos >>

2. Take videos of yourself in a similar format to the sample videos.
Natural behavior is the most useful for you and your horse while videoing.

3. Complete the Assessment form >>
Filling out the assessment questionnaires, history, and videos are very important for the best results.

Once I receive your information, I will put together an evaluation of your current performance and highlight areas for improvement.

Thank you and please send an email to if you have questions.