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Time for reflection

Life in lockdown.  We have our time reorganized. Time is  all we really have in life but we often think we do not have enough.  Now we have had our organization of time altered for a while so the potential to react differently is possible. The world might be a different place from now on – how do I set myself up to be in the moment and embrace change?   Will I be able to move with the changes that will happen in the world?

One of my places of practicing this is ‘training’ horses which as I write this I think I would like to find a word to replace ‘training’.  Lots come to mind: enhancing is the first one – what is it to help a horse be a healthier happier horse within domesticated life. We (horses and humans) are just a sum of our life experiences so far, all our choices and reactions are based on this information. We find comfort in knowing how a person or horse is going to react but if those reactions are not enhancing us they are things we might want to look into changing.  If these patterns are lifetime patterns then it is well written in the nervous system.

It takes 6 months to change a pattern written into the nervous system so the little things we attempt to alter have to be paid attention to for that long to become somewhat automatic. Lockdown is giving me time to watch this within myself – how much of what I do is automatic and does it need to be automatic.  Time to reflect on experimenting with new choices.


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