Took full advantage of a 24 hour tour in San Francisco that fell apart, but a friend and I resurrected it with a 20 mile walk through the city.  The weather was perfection and what an amazing city.  So easy to forget what one has in his/her own backyard for beauty.  The bonus was the exercise.  I love to walk and explore from this perspective.  One gets to see the details, sense the different textures of the neighborhoods, and hear the sounds of life.  Fired up to do it again!!  My friends said how about 30 miles next time.

Studying, studying, studying for the exam in two weeks.  It is such a different brain function then the emptiness of meditating that I am thankful to have had studying as part of my self discipline in college.

Learning about the body is so amazing.  It is like putting on a new pair of glasses (Human Movement System Glasses).  Now, I am looking at humans as structures (skeletal system) moving (musculature system) by neurologic (nervous system) input.  Plus, to look at all the ways we have distortions, manage with the distortions, and now to start looking at how to make changes.  NASM has created a remarkable tool kit.  It is still clear that the individual has to want to make changes (hopefully willingly and not from being between a rock and a hard place), learn about choices for change (what makes sense for the uniqueness of our individuality), and then take action (charge!)  We are definitely our own obstacle course for pursuing these three steps. Even with “good genes” it is work and discernment to stay healthy–and there are still surprises.

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