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Challenges of Sitting Cross-legged For Meditation



Another range of flexibility…

If you didn’t grow up sitting cross-legged or don’t practice on a regular basis, it could be daunting.  Sitting with a straight spine is the most important, so if you have to sit on something, legs to the side, or some variation, the straight spine with the core connected should be the focus.  Since I am “sitting” on the floor for 4-6 hours a day, I am noticing there is a fitness with the process that one may take for granted.  Symmetry is a big piece too. If  I sit too much on one side, push down harder on one half, head too far forward, upper back not supporting my head, and the list goes on–the asymmetry puts undo tension on an area, so posture is key. Even when we are still, posture is important.

I have tried to ignore when my body is yelling that I need to change position, but that hasn’t worked out well, so I listen.  I don’t shift because I cannot concentrate, but I do shift if my leg is going numb or my hips/knees are tired of being folded.  After you build some fitness for sitting, you start to notice how awesome the position actually is and how it makes sense when you go deep.

Mentally and physically there is plenty to work with while touching into stillness.  Little by little, the desire to be distracted lessens and you find a tranquility in the stillness, but the bodies flexibility and fitness are undeniable components.  It is not to say that you cannot meditate if you don’t sit on the floor cross-legged either.  It is about the journey.


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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!


Sydney, Australia



Gym window onboard the cruise ship. Selfseeds Fitness



Sydney Opera House (Amazing inside and outside!)



No excuses not to exercise with these views. Nice parking spot!



Sydney Harbor



Solarium (Selfseeds Stillness)



Sydney (view from the harbor.) (Personalize 5 Selfseeds)



Home for 12 days, Sydney to Auckland. Selfseeds abundance!


No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting, or nurturing one of your own selfseeds daily! The Selfeed community would love to have you add one of your favorites!  Send a newsletter or Daily Selfseed video to a friend, family member, significant other and inspire the start of a Selfseed garden.

The Selseeds travel collection continues… Selfseeds #101 through #108 (view videos below.)


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Traveling In Australia With Selfseeds

Daily Selfseed #92 Walking Port Douglas, Australia

(video link below–just click)

Daily Selfseed #92 Walking Port Douglas, Australia

*All video links are in color below–have fun!)

Daily Selfseed #93 Port Douglas, Reflections

Daily Selfseed #93 Port Douglas Reflections

Daily Selfseed #94 Great Barrier Reef Swim

Daily Selfseed #94 Great Barrier Reef Swim

Daily Selfseed #95 Daintree Rainforest (Oldest rainforest in the world)

Daily Selfseed #95 Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Really enjoying the travels in Australia.  Fun to see how easy it is to take 5 minutes a day for Selfseeds!

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Pelvic Floor Lesson



The Pelvic floor lesson usually starts and stops with the kegel exercises, so it was so cool to see how that relates to the origin of movement and moves up through the core stabilizers into dynamic action.  The physical therapist had an exterior way to check each level of engagement from the pelvic floor north into dynamic, integrative engagement.  The “drawing in maneuver” or “sucking in of the stomach” is a very uninformed version of correct inner engagement that stabilized movement instead of blocking it.  The band technique I learned from Max via Hans for dancing was the action in motion and now to understand the root of the movement. I found out one of my legs is slightly longer at the tibia and this may or may not have contributed to my rightward rotation, but I could experience the difference right and left of my pelvic floor-upward activation.  One side was easy and symmetrical and the other side I compensated by rotating as I engaged the leg.

The next step was lifting and lowering the legs and engaging the higher muscles which made it easier for me.  The PT said it would make it harder for most people with tight hip flexors.  I could feel the shift from an isolated strengthening exercise to a dynamic series and how easy it was to override the underlying weakness with other muscles–synergistic dominance is the result.  Once we have established the pattern for synergistic dominance, we have moved away form the correct design of the human movement system which can lead to postural distortion and injury.

Ok, I have to be a bit of a geek to get so excited about understanding the origin of movement, but it so totally motivates me to help people with their movement design–the ones who are interested.

The below post includes videos of my exercises.  The PT takes a video and sends it to me via an encrypted site.  Sounds perfect for the evolution of  Selfseeds Virtual Riding!!!  You can follow the progression of my rehabilitation and try the exercises too.

(Click on the link below to see the corrective exercise videos–Thank you Dave!)


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Daily Selfseed #14 Caball (Integrative cable and stability b...

 Caball (cable +ball exercises)DSC_4354


Ok, I am one of those strange people who actually loves going to the gym.  I like the feel of moving, challenging my balance, and figuring out the interconnection of movement. Caball has been so fun to create. It involves balancing on the stability ball while exercising with cables.  There is no where to anchor or stabilize accept for your inner core.  People at the gym are asking me what I am doing and make comments about how hard it looks.  Hmmmm…not sure how difficult they are, since I haven’t had anyone to try them out on.  Next step.  There was some discussion about having people sign a release before taking a place on the ball….


One of the riding students has been practicing kneeling on the ball which is very cool.

An update on the main purpose of why I am in Northern California, helping a friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery.  It has been an amazing journey getting to school her horse and help her with her recovery exercises.  Just a little under 4 months and today she walked, trotted, and cantered on her horse.  The work going forward is to help integrate the new movement range, strength, and pattern with the horse’s new straightness, throughness, and self-carriage.  It has been invaluable to ride the horse and change his patterns, so when the owner got back on, I could see the patterns of the rider more clearly.  Normally it is the chicken or the egg about who is causing what. The corrective exercise course was timely with learning the phases of recovery: inhibition, lengthening, strength, and integration.  She is in part 3 moving to part 4.  Riding a horse is like balancing on a giant moving stability ball.  Two more months to go…. Our work together is helping me to create a sensing, balancing, and timing series off the horse. Thank you!!!

Please take a look at the assessment video for riding and let me know if it makes sense/inspires/clarifies or confuses/intimidates/doesn’t make sense.  There has been a suggestion of making a video with different disciplines and different riders.  Having fun creating, so all input is appreciated–the truth and nothing but.


#9 Assessment Riding (Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program)
A couple of items I want to share 1) this great article about fitness fanatics (you might surprise yourself and find that you have one or more of the traits) and 2) a fun video on a bull dog named Axel (and his bucket) that I met yesterday.



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What is such a big deal about weight distribution?


Do you think weight distribution is important?

What is the big deal about weight distribution?  Everything!!!!!  How we move, alignment, posture, joint symmetry, etc. are the keys to structural health. WE ALL WEIGH SOMETHING, but what and how we move that living vehicle is the awareness piece inward and outward.   Instead of struggling with it, have fun, and embrace your presence as a living form.  How cool is having a body!!! It isn’t always glamourous, but it is an adventure!

Looking at saddle fit a lot lately.  How we sit in the saddle, the balance of the saddle, how it is wearing, and the muscle development of the horse’s back and shoulders all play a roll in how weight is distributed. Poor fitting equipment can lead to muscle damage, poor performance, and an unwilling partner.
A short read to inspire and motivate posture.
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Corrective Exercise Training Seminar

NASM photo

Just finished a day of practical training with a NASM master trainer and the Corrective Exercise Training Seminar.  I so love learning the details and how it all fits together!!  Now the steps for correction are clear. Assessments are very important for learning the bodies strategy for movement, balance, fitness, coordination, etc–all the components of the human movement system (HMS.)

Strategy: identify (assessments), solve, and implement.

Plan for solving: inhibit, lengthen, activate, and integrate.

Plan for implementing:  Optimum Performance Training (OPT)–stability, strength, and power.

In many ways, I have learned and lived a version of this outline while rehabilitating horses, changing balance, strengthening new muscles after body work or injury, developing throughness, increasing fitness, improving alignment, and so on. It feels very familiar while examining the two-leggeds now.

The next step is to develop a mental and physical catalogue of exercises (no different than dressage figures), for humans.  I have to thank Selfseeds for this inspired personal growth and new direction.

Working with my first virtual riding student and I am pleased with how the assessment tests are providing more information on the rider than I would usually generate, the years of evaluating sale horse videos has developed my eye for watching riders/horses on video, and the past two years of blogging/twenty years of teaching to articulate the observations.  The emphasis on timing, balance, and harmony is very doable over the internet. Excited for this ability to communicate and share with modern technology!

The template page for signing up is in the works!

What do Selfseeds and Yaks have in common?

We both need to “Just Move It!” Enjoy your day and just move it somehow!…



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Weight Distribution, Posture, and Alignment

When do we need posture and alignment?  The better question would be when do we not need posture and alignment? Everything about the body design is focused on alignment and posture, so the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones can operate with minimal distortion, pain, or injury.  For many  repetitive stress, accidents, genetic composition, and more can lead to postural challenges.  Seeking professional input and assessment, learning how to correct or improve old injuries, developing a program to strengthen and lengthen challenge areas, and attention to detail are all ways to start making changes.  How I walk, reach, and bend are all moments to sense into my body and work towards improved functional alignment.


 Practicing rotational movement with alignment for dancing, strengthening, and challenging range of motion.
The young horses are progressing quickly. Interesting to observe them when they are led away from the group and start to know them as individuals.
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Functional Tone


What do you want to get out of your fitness program?  For some it is strength, balance, flexibility, weight loss, and more.  For me personally as a baseline, I would like a high level of functional fitness, so I can move about my day with freedom and without pain.  My target is functional tone, aerobic capacity, and a healthy range of motion in my joints.  It doesn’t sound so glamorous, but it takes creating a plan, consistency, attention to dynamic posture, and integrating the strength and stretching with day-to-day movement.  Awareness and sensing into the body are key!!

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Daily Selfseed #1 How Heavy Is Your Purse/Satchel?

Let’s start at the beginning… Daily Selfseed #1.  The Daily Selfseeds are short videos to inspire and motivate picking one of the 11 Selfseeds to plant in your personal garden.

11 May 2013 1:05

Small changes can make a big difference.  Working with alignment , posture, symmetry, balance, weight distribution, and flexibility are all physical realities we work with on a day to day basis, so why not make it easier by reducing the unnecessary items in your purse or satchel.


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