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Tranquility while floating



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Mental Attitude

If your mental attitude is positive, even when threats abound, you won’t lose your inner peace. On the other hand, if your mind is negative, marked by fear, suspicion and feelings of helplessness, even among your best friends, in a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, you won’t be happy.


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Being With Water


Mississippi merging with another river

Living on the water, going to the water, sitting near the water, walking in the water, diving in the water, floating on the water, and the multitude of ways to engage with “the water” are all cathartic in their own ways. What is so magnetic and mesmerizing about  water whether still or moving? Is it the qualities of steadfastness, depth, emersion, expansiveness, power, presence, rejuvenation, and more? Take five minutes (or more) to be with one of nature’s sources of water–listen, sense, and be what with what is has to share and teach.





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Repetitive Work And Counter-Actions



Challenge of working in a repetitive work action.  The body is not a machine, so how to counteract the effects? Stretching, moving, and positional awareness are key.

Stepping out, sitting in nature, hearing something soothing, breathing fresh air, allowing time for one’s self are all personalized counter-actions.



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IMG_1472 ferris


Plant a Selfseeds Personalize 5 by having fun, touching joy, and experiencing an exhilarating sensation. Ride a ferris wheel?  How about the carousel? Go to your local carnival and have fun!




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Nonsense Mind


Walking in Jaipur, India

Is there anyone who hasn’t noticed how much nonsense can surface while trying to quiet the mind in meditation? Mine even invents scenarios that haven’t ever happened like watching a television sitcom. “Creative bugger!”  All I can do is have compassion, amusement, and continue.



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Creativity While In Motion





Half way point…

Nothing like climbing the stairs of a fortress wall to get your heart pumping.  Running up to the fortress was less cardio than actually climbing the wall.  Balance was underlined as well.  Falling off the wall would not be pretty, so I needed to be aware of everything that involved not tripping, lurching, or losing balance. A couple of times I needed to do a little self talk when my mind wanted to scream, “What were you thinking!”   The best part of the exercise was the creativity while in motion.  I wasn’t just exercising, but it had a functional, integrative, real life survival flair to it.  Nice to take the actual conditioning and training and apply it in a real life situation.


Amazing View


Headed back


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Journey Inward



Currently, I am examining Selfseeds Stillness a lot while meditating and learning at the feet of a spiritual master. When I first put stillness on the list, I had no idea of the layers and depth that were involved. The past three years have been focused on just this one selfseed.  When I look at the collection of selfseeds, in many ways I would put stillness as a priority, because as I am learning, it effects everything else on the list–emotion, balance, partnering, etc.  Our inner state obviously influences our outer state–it is a direct connection without any wavering.  It is not realistic for most people to devote years to this topic, but 5 minutes a day is useful.  The point is to have very strict focus in the 5 minutes.  Work to have a straight spine and good posture.  Use the time to discipline the mind and remind it to be single-pointed.  Enjoy having a chance to focus inwardly and start to explore the origins of the real you. At the very least, use it as a well deserved time out to regroup, slow down, and breath.


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Range Of Articles On Emotions

emotions sm


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What Injuries Are Teaching Me



What injuries are teaching me. A life time-out and opportunity to go inward.  It is like hitting the pause button, examining life from a new vantage point, and then taking action from the new point of view.  Something useful has come out of each pause even if I don’t agree at the time. The value in rebuilding the scaffolding teaches me something that I may have taken for granted or overlooked.  Lessons that will require attention to detail and patience.  I applaud the caretakers in the field who patiently help us emotionally and physically to put the pieces back together. As I have more experience moving through life (aging), I don’t just ignore and muscle through the pain, but work towards healing and bringing awareness to the challenge.  An inward meditation so to speak.


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