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Video Assessment Resources

Now that you have watched the sample videos, make your own!

Use a similar format to create your own videos to submit for assessment. Keep in mind that natural behavior is the most useful for you and your horse for developing an accurate baseline.  Camcorders, iPhones, iPads, and more are all useful for filming video footage for submission.

Below are suggestions for accessing information on creating an account on Youtube, loading a video from a camcorder to a computer, and uploading a video on to Youtube.  There are numerous how to videos on Youtube and doing a search on your browser is also helpful.

How to connect your camcorder to your computer or laptop?

How to upload a video onto Youtube?

How to create a Youtube account 2013?


Using an iPhone?

Take the video using your phone.
Add the video to your computer by emailing it to yourself or by syncing in iTunes.
Once the video is on the computer, you can then upload it to youtube.

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