Ride Like A Dancer

Creating a mindful, peaceful, and harmonious relationship with your horse, as a dance partner.

  • Do you understand how to help harmonize the inside of your horse's body?
  • Is the inner state of being important for both you and your horse?
  • Do you want to develop, improve, or problem solve aspects of your riding partnership through inner listening?
  • What is inner listening for you and your horse?
  • How about improving alignment, timing, feel, and sensing abilities while being and riding?
  • Where does this awareness come from?
  • Do you have an interest to learn key and subtle elements for clear communication in the caring/leading/riding partnership?
  • How to listen more deeply?
  • Have you wanted a personalized program for both you and your horse?
  • Are respect, confidence, and compassion part of nurturing a partnership?
  • Observing, listening, sensing, and feeling are the path. Does this speak to you at a deeper level then words?

If yes, then the Ride Like A Dancer Program is for you!


Welcome To Ride Like A Dancer

Creating a mindful, peaceful, and harmonious relationship with your horse, as a dance partner, is the inspiration for the program.

The fundamental tools I draw upon are dressage (classical and competitive), distance riding, ballroom dancing (20 years), fitness training (NASM), and spiritual awareness (move to India, 2011.)

Our work together includes developing a Self-map through the 11 Selfseeds. We can also create a horse-map. 

We all benefit from eyes on the ground and insights into our often too unfamiliar self. Making changes, refining areas of improvement, and getting new ideas are all part of the process.

"My life is dedicated to this three path approach of riding, dancing, and self-examination. I am excited to help you on this remarkable journey with the horse. Let’s get started!!"

Part of My Journey Founder Susan Eoff

"Carrying water buckets, being a tomboy, and riding long distance were my part of my early design (NATRC President's Cup winner, Tevis Cup completion.) During college, watching classical dressage struck me deeply by the flow and harmony created with the horse. I opted out of a Graduate Program to head to Europe to learn from Classical Dressage Masters.

Dancing in a sequined gown, high heels, and false eye lashes was pretty far outside my range. As a follower, I was the horse. I was led by feel, timing, and inner awareness of weight distribution and flow. My path never involved mentally knowing steps. I relied on the patience, clarity, and kindness for advanced level coaches to show me and support my learning curve. Yelling, pushing, and pulling only scared me and placed me on a course of inner survival. When worried, I couldn't feel or process/integrate the information with effectiveness. A truly "AH HA" moment for training horses. 

Self examination, meditation, contemplation, walking, observing, listening, and being were transformative aspects of living in India. Following my return to horses, my capacity to feel and sense the horses had improved. 

Such gratitude for the patience and kindness the horses have offered as I continue to be a student. Thank you."


Selfseeds Through The Eyes of the Horse Videos