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Selfseeds Caball (Cable & Ball) Exercises (short videos)

Caball (Cable & Ball) Exercises were created from a desire to make exercising integrative, challenging, sensing, and dynamic.  It is easy to become complacent while exercising with the number of repetitions and a familiarity to a routine that develops quickly.  The self discipline is to stay alert, attentive, and fresh with each movement, so injuries…

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Selfseeds Integrative Exercises: Front-to-Back (Caball)

The integrative exercises challenges your mind and body which supports functional training.  Part of the challenge equation is working out the right amount of weight, so you can move in a controlled-engaged way without losing your balance on the ball.  Looking for the limits, but not going over.  There are no fixed points to leverage…

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Inspirational Quotes

Cheering!!  Let’s hear it for inspirational quotes! Fitness Quotes: Sayings To Get You Moving By The Huffington Post News Editors Despite everything we know about the benefits of exercise, it’s still easy to make excuses to skip a workout. You’ve probably heard them all, and tried out at least a few: I’m too tired, I don’t…

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Looking At Your Personal Building Blocks

How we move our weight through space is often overlooked.  We are a body and we want to move from point A to point B.  First on the list is we get there, but how often do we notice how we got there?  When we don’t have impediments to our movement it is even easier…

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Fitness designed for function

Functional fitness–what a great idea, but it shows how far out of alignment are lives have taken us if we are relearning function in our adult physical form.  It makes sense now that people have jobs requiring sitting at a desk, driving a car instead of walking, hiring a gardener to take of the yard,…

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