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Selfseeds for Elementary School Children–Grades Three and Four

Test Trial started! Selfseeds for elementary school children has begun! Introducing two to three seeds a week with homework in the journal. Wow, the kids were already very informed about fitness and nutrition, but I see the challenge is in the application and discipline of the information. No different then the adults! What a privilege…

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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!               No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting,…

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Daily Selfseed #12 Trail Riding

    If you asked me only a few years ago that I would be shooting short movie clips from the back of a horse, I would have looked at you in dismay.  Technology is one of our distractions, but it is also one of our evolutionary gifts.  The connection it can provide is remarkable.…

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5 Steps to Behavior Change

  Morning walk in Jaipur, India Thank you NASM for this clear outline for the steps to behavior changes.  Sharing what I learned in the personal trainer’s course.  4:38 Selfseeds Emotions 5 Steps to Behavior Change HD 12 May 2013 15:43 Most of us are looking for ideas for motivation.  Here is one idea that applies…

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Daily Selfseed #4 Stretching 4 Ways (Flexibility)

   5:42 Selfseeds Flexibility Stretching 4 Ways HD 12 May 2013 17:07 Picking just one stretch is a great start to planting your Selfseeds personal garden!  I like the feel of being limber, flexible, and unlimited in my range of motion. A major aspect of stretching is to support range of motion which we need to…

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CPR/AED Training

What an invaluable course for empowering one to have the tools to help someone effectively that is choking, heart problem, in an accident scene and more.  I haven’t taken a CPR class in 15 years, so A LOT has changed.  The teacher was very practical and hands on, so we had many opportunities to work…

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