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Nice Thoughts To Live By Eckhart Tolle

This week's present moment reminder.
“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”

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Selfseeds for Elementary School Children–Grades Three ...

Test Trial started! Selfseeds for elementary school children has begun! Introducing two to three seeds a week with homework in the journal. Wow, the kids were already very informed about fitness and nutrition, but I see the challenge is in the application and discipline of the information. No different then the adults! What a privilege to start with the public school system. A big Thank You to the two teachers who have trusted me to step into their classrooms.

The fall will be the launch of Selfseeds as a foundational program at Two Bunch Palms.

Maree and I are looking for a site in Colorado to launch a Selfseeds for the Equestrian Retreat. Participants will bring their own horses and spend three days examining themselves, ground work with the horses, and riding.

One more month in the desert and then I am off to Colorado, India, Portugal, and Hungary for the summer.

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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!


Sydney, Australia



Gym window onboard the cruise ship. Selfseeds Fitness



Sydney Opera House (Amazing inside and outside!)



No excuses not to exercise with these views. Nice parking spot!



Sydney Harbor



Solarium (Selfseeds Stillness)



Sydney (view from the harbor.) (Personalize 5 Selfseeds)



Home for 12 days, Sydney to Auckland. Selfseeds abundance!


No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting, or nurturing one of your own selfseeds daily! The Selfeed community would love to have you add one of your favorites!  Send a newsletter or Daily Selfseed video to a friend, family member, significant other and inspire the start of a Selfseed garden.

The Selseeds travel collection continues… Selfseeds #101 through #108 (view videos below.)


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Daily Selfseed #12 Trail Riding




If you asked me only a few years ago that I would be shooting short movie clips from the back of a horse, I would have looked at you in dismay.  Technology is one of our distractions, but it is also one of our evolutionary gifts.  The connection it can provide is remarkable.

Enjoying being back on the trail in my old conditioning/training grounds of Mt. Diablo in California.  The mountain is beautiful, the feel of the horse, observing nature, sharing with friends–what more can I say.  The short clip transports me back, so enjoy and create your own Selfseeds Personalize 5 as well.


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5 Steps to Behavior Change


IMG_0725Morning walk in Jaipur, India

Thank you NASM for this clear outline for the steps to behavior changes.  Sharing what I learned in the personal trainer’s course.

Most of us are looking for ideas for motivation.  Here is one idea that applies to more than fitness.  Let me know what works for you?
Fending off fitness fatigue
Chicago Tribune
But fitness experts say there are specific tricks to help people get and stay motivated. Connecticut-based exercise physiologist Tom Holland, who has coached clients on everything from losing weight to climbing mountains to running marathons, 

Fending off fitness fatigue

(Adrian Dennis, AFP/Getty Images)
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Runners stumble, yogis yawn, and even the bulkiest body builders get bored.But fitness experts say there are specific tricks to help people get and stay motivated.

Connecticut-based exercise physiologist Tom Holland, who has coached clients on everything from losing weight to climbing mountains to running marathons, said set a date.

“Whether it’s a wedding or a race or a reunion, there has to be a date,” said Holland, author of “Beat the Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag.”

“We need clear, defined goals,” he added. “A new year’s resolution or a desire to lose weight is not enough.”

And if the goal is big, cut it down to size.

“I train a lot of people to run marathons,” Holland said. “Doing five Ks (three miles) and half-marathons add little victories along the way.”

Sometimes, he said, the trick is to get their minds off what they’re doing.

“If the goal is weight loss, it helps to take the focus off weight loss,” he said. “See what gets clients excited, and get them so engrossed in the workout that it just happens.”

If the goal is running, Holland will often run with them.

“You can’t motivate, but you can provide incentives,” said Holland, who has a degree in sports psychology. “The science lies in finding a goal that is challenging but not too challenging.”

As the national director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, Geralyn Coopersmith is in charge of training the personal trainers for the Equinox chain of fitness centers. She said it’s not motivation that trips people up.

“People are motivated when they put on a bathing suit that doesn’t fit,” said Coopersmith. “We’re about giving them measurable goals and small changes in habit.”

She recommends that trainers add something to a client’s routine every week.

“Maybe it’s just drinking more water every day, or spending an extra 15 minutes on a treadmill,” she explained. “We’ll also ask clients how likely they are, on a scale of one to 10, to do it.”

Variety is the spice of workout enthusiasm to Santa Monica, California-based group fitness instructor Amy Dixon, creator of the “Give Me 10” and “Breathless Body” DVD series.

“Don’t go to the same class every week,” said Dixon.

If five classes a week is the norm, she advises dropping one and adding another every seven days.

“I love seeing my regulars in other peoples’ classes,” she said. “As a teacher I know it’s important to do.”

For good old fashioned motivation, Dixon said, the dynamic of a group fitness class is a powerful thing.

“The collective energy drives you, keeps you motivated, and gives you that little extra oomph.”

Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise, suggests scheduling a workout time like an important appointment.

“Research has shown it takes 21 days to establish a habit,” said Matthews, who is based in San Diego, California.

She said being in a class is a huge draw for some people, because they make friends and are expected at a certain time.

“It depends on what resonates with you,” Matthews said. “The options for physical activity are pretty much limitless.”

(Editing by Patricia Reaney)

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Daily Selfseed #4 Stretching 4 Ways (Flexibility)



Picking just one stretch is a great start to planting your Selfseeds personal garden!  I like the feel of being limber, flexible, and unlimited in my range of motion. A major aspect of stretching is to support range of motion which we need to stay healthy and functioning well in our day-to-day lives.
How to Become More Flexible: Establishing a Stretching Routine to 
Do you wish that you could be more flexible? Many people regret losing the natural flexibility that they enjoyed as children, but you do not have to simply accept
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CPR/AED Training

RC symbol


What an invaluable course for empowering one to have the tools to help someone effectively that is choking, heart problem, in an accident scene and more.  I haven’t taken a CPR class in 15 years, so A LOT has changed.  The teacher was very practical and hands on, so we had many opportunities to work with the mannequins and run through practice scenarios.  In the past, I left the class feeling like I new enough to be consciously aware that something could be done, but practically inept at attempting to step in.  With this course, I feel equipped to help and be effective.  Adding in the training with the AED machine is new, but with the advent of technology and increased awareness/higher health standards, it isn’t as unusual to have access to a defibrillator machine.

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Selfseeds Motivation (short video)

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