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Stillness in India

What a remarkable country to practice stillness. I came here 8 years ago looking for answers to the basic oneness of human nature, life, and the possibility of inner peace. Significant answers have been answered, but the practice is in daily life. The irony of India is that it is not still or quiet. One…

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Breathing As A Practice

Thank you Joel!! Awesome to share the path of life and the planting of a selfseed! Great contribution to the village who will help grow the Selfseeds Garden. ###### breathing as a practice ###### The basic premise of breathing practices the world over is the relationship between the activity of the breath and the activity…

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Inner Work

When I look back over the past 4 years of extended stays in India, my focus has been on learning about the place behind the mind, the quieting of the mind, and the ability to live with a more stable sense of inner peace. It has taken single-pointed focus and grace. I wasn’t a meditator,…

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Sitting Cross-Legged For Months

  The possibility of sitting cross-legged without external support and for long periods of time is starting to emerge. If one can sit supported from the core enough than no extra pressure is put on the limbs, neck, shoulders, feet, etc. it is as if one is in a balanced state while seated. One step…

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Nonsense Mind

  Is there anyone who hasn’t noticed how much nonsense can surface while trying to quiet the mind in meditation? Mine even invents scenarios that haven’t ever happened like watching a television sitcom. “Creative bugger!”  All I can do is have compassion, amusement, and continue.  

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Journey Inward

  Currently, I am examining Selfseeds Stillness a lot while meditating and learning at the feet of a spiritual master. When I first put stillness on the list, I had no idea of the layers and depth that were involved. The past three years have been focused on just this one selfseed.  When I look…

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Challenges of Sitting Cross-legged For Meditation

  If you didn’t grow up sitting cross-legged or don’t practice on a regular basis, it could be daunting.  Sitting with a straight spine is the most important, so if you have to sit on something, legs to the side, or some variation, the straight spine with the core connected should be the focus.  Since…

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