Origins of Selfseeds

Selfseeds grew out of a request to create a “partnering workshop” for equestrians based on the partnering skills from ballroom dancing. My dance partner at the time, Eddie Schiffman, and I developed an awareness program from the principles of yoga, balance, weight distribution, flexibility, symmetry, rhythm, and partnering skills. Riders got to work alone and with human partners to better understand themselves and how they approach partnering without the presence of a horse. This self-discovery undoubtedly applied to their equine partnership.


Growth of Selfseeds

As a person who has worked with horses my entire life, I have always had a desire to relate to animals in their natural state and more on their terms. An opportunity to combine riding horses and seeing wild animals in South Africa became available, so I put my life on hold for three months and headed out February 28, 2011.

The firsthand experience with elephants, rhinoceros, cheetahs, hippos, lions, leopards, water buffalo, kudu, impala, zebras, and all of the other mammals, birds, insects, amphibians, and reptiles, was absolutely amazing. Between the animals and the land, I felt like I had touched something very sacred on our planet. The Waltzing Horses blog became my daily communication with friends and family, but it also turned into a journaling process for me to take note of and digest what transpired within a 24-hour period.

After six weeks in South Africa, I headed north to Jaipur, India to find answers about humans and spirituality, in a similar way that I was seeking answers at the essence level of animal existence. I was out of options for finding answers, so this appeared to be the make or break step to finding answers for, “Is it possible to find inner peace under all conditions?” and "Are we all connected by some deeper thread of being, below the ego level?”

After six weeks of remarkable inner energetic experiences, I decided that I would like to move to Jaipur for an indefinite period of time to dive deeper into this remarkable spiritual opportunity. The move required that I first return to California to reorganize animals, clients, and material goods. The blogging continued. The Waltzing Horses Blog shares an ongoing, deeper aspect of my personal journey through life.

In the meantime, Selfseeds continued to simmer by including a Selfeeds blog that shared personal experiences, videos, and articles relating to the 11 Selfseeds. They were germinating in the Selfseeds garden with the hope that they would inspire an interactive environment for sharing, supporting, motivating, and learning from one another.

As Selfseeds continues to grow, the step to create a virtual site is so that the program does not become root-bound and overcrowded. Now, the Selfseed garden walls are limited only by cyberspace, so let’s get started by picking a Selfseed, planting it, and nurturing it with a 5 minute practice. Who knows what it could grow into? Have fun!