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Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program Sample Videos

Thank you for choosing the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program to help your riding and personal garden grow.

I am excited to see what you have to share and help you with your alignment, timing, feel, and sensing which are key aspects of a safe and successful riding partnership. All types of riding are welcomed.

Step 1: Watch the Videos

Get started by watching “Why assessments are important?” and reviewing the collection of sample assessment videos below, so you understand the basis of the virtual work.

Step 2. Create your own Videos

After watching, you will then use a similar format to create your own videos to submit for assessment. Keep in mind that natural behavior is the most useful for you and your horse for developing an accurate baseline.  Camcorders, iPhones, iPads, and more are all useful for filming video footage for submission. Read the Video Resources page for help.

Looking forward to getting started!

Ready to make your videos? Read the Video Resources page for help >>