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Karen Ososki

Riding Instructor:

Karen became an American Riding Instructors Association instructor in 2005. Currently, she is certified with ARICP Level III Certification to teach Dressage and Level II Certification to teach Hunter Seat. She is also a graduate of the Western Dressage Association’s “Advanced Train the Trainer” program.

Karen has found instruction to be the perfect way to combine her life-long passions for horses, learning, and teaching. As a riding instructor for over 30 years, her focus is on promoting healthy and harmonious training and riding techniques. When you combine a horse with a centered body and mind and a rider with a centered body and mind, the most beautiful partnership is born.

In her professional life, Karen’s has been able to incorporate her passions for Equine Biomechanics, Rider Biomechanics, Classical Equestrian Principles, and Natural Horsemanship concepts into the integrated and holistic program called Refined Performance Horsemanship (RPH). This program includes Natural Horsemanship groundwork exercises that help horses mentally and physically relax and stretch. RPH groundwork is based on classical “back to front” training principles and concentrates on horses using their muscles in a biomechanically beneficial way. Developed to empower horses and their riders to be their individual best, RPH helps horses and riders come together in harmonious partnership. Karen’s ability to help riders is based her ability to instill relaxation, suppleness and balance in both horse and rider through a series of progressive and easy to learn exercises.

Karen presents at national expos and conferences in the US, teaches internationally, publishes in magazines, and has been featured in television and podcast interviews. Named one of America’s “Top 50 Riding Instructors” by American Riding Instructors Association, Karen is a sought-after clinician with a proven ability to improve performance in equines of all disciplines, while maintaining and enhancing their mental and physical soundness.


(406) 599-7935