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Elizabeth Johnson

Equine Therapist and Healer:

Education / Credantials

Elizabeth has been working with the health and wellness of small, large, and exotic animals as well as wildlife for 35 years. She has spent the past 25 years doing equine and canine bodywork and rehabilitation on competitive and companion animals, managing nutritional issues and environmental effects, and using complimentary modalities to partner with veterinary medicine. She has had privilege to study and work under some of the top veterinarians and doctors in the field of saddle fit, nutrition, biomechanics, farrier science, CranioSacral therapy, myofascial release, trigger-point work, body balancing, applied kinesiology, herbal and homeopathic medicine, energy modalities and Traditional Chinese medicine. She works from a point of deep clinical understanding, empathy and compassion for the animal.

Elizabeth’s work has morphed many times through the years using whatever modalities fit each individual case. She has, in the past, ridden a number of different disciplines, which helps with understanding the forces and stresses these animals are under for our pleasure, work and competitive desires and needs.

The animals themselves, have trained her in patience, understanding, divine presence and humility as well as human nature. As a practitioner, she sees that each animal’s needs, priorities and personalities, as well as their humans, are different. Elizabeth evaluates all of this to promote well being in both the physical and emotional realm of all involved.

Her role is the spokesperson for the animal on many levels, with the owner/caregiver, veterinarians, farriers etc. This often includes a “veterinary to layman’s” interpretation for the owners to help them better understand maladies and most importantly, how to find the health of the animal. Elizabeth attempts to marry the owner’s timelines to the healing rhythms of the horse, which sometimes can be very challenging.

Elizabeth holds hands, gives hugs, and embraces their joys and their sorrow, always keeping an open heart.

Elizabeth brings forth a lifetime of experience with horses and has former extensive veterinary technician experience with large animal, small animal, exotics and wildlife rehab. She currently teaches an online accredited Equine anatomy and massage course for Horse Courses Online and Breyer University and was the Southern California Coordinator and co-instructor for Equinology and Caninology, an international educational program for equine and canine bodyworkers taught primarily by world-renowned veterinarians.


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