About the Selfseeds Program

Definition of SELFSEEDS:

Seeds of self-essence to germinate, nurture, and embrace for creating wholeness and well-being as a human. It is a system of Self Gardening for growing your personal wellness garden. Selfseeds are planted and encouraged to develop through a program of 5 minute practices designed to improve your life.

The Selfseeds program is based on selecting, planting, and caring for a garden of Selfseeds. Selfseeds contains a packet of 11 seeds for creating a holistically viable self garden. The seeds are planted with a 5 minute commitment to their well being and sustainability. The individual designs his or her own garden and plants it at his or her own pace: it is a sacred garden. As individuals committed to family, work, personal endeavors or any of the other multitude of life requirements, we often neglect ourselves. And when we neglect our “self”, we begin to wither, fatigue, lose resiliency, droop, and inevitably expire.

Selfseeds is an inviting program that helps you move through feeling overwhelmed, over-stressed, unable to act (a human speed bump so to speak), and incrementally infuses vibrancy and balance back into your life. Similarly, the 5 minute practices can be used to add a new aspect to a daily practice without it feeling like a burden. Has there been a desire to stretch or possibly meditate, but there is no time? A Selfseed can be a healthy substitute for heading to the refrigerator, turning on the television, surfing the internet, pouring a drink, or any list of actions we take when spiraling out of balance.

In addition, touching into a practice for 5 minutes often reminds us of its importance and can inspire us to find more time. A Personalize 5 Selfseed can be a reward or a positive break from something demanding. Selfseeds can be shared and included in a group activity or a family function. Have fun discovering how easy and transforming “Just 5 minutes” can be!