About the Selfseeds Program

Selfseeds is a program of self gardening for growing a personal, sacred self-garden.

11 Selfseeds are planted and encouraged to develop through practices based on 5 minute increments.

Definition of Selfseeds

Selfseeds are 5-minute mind, body, and soul seeds for creating mindful, energetically revitalizing practices.

Seeds of self-essence to plant, nurture, and grow for wholeness and well-being as a living being.

Where to grow the Selfseeds Program?

School programs (public and private)

After school programs

Sport centers

Sport clubs

Social clubs

Office/work space

Therapeutic center

Youth programs (Boys & Girls Club, Scouts, etc.)

Family seed challenge

Retirement Homes

Spiritual/Religious groups

Equestrian events (Ride Like A Dancer)

Retreats (Horse Woods Haven)

Health Spas


Nature walks


Practices of Selfseeds

  • The Selfseeds program is based on selecting, planting, and caring for a sacred self garden of 11 Selfseeds. Seeds are planted with a commitment to their well-being and sustainability. There are many paths for working with Selfseeds. For example, you can plant them throughout your day, make one or more a focus in a regular group gathering, experience the entire presentation, write in the Selfseeds Journal, grow an actual garden, and more.
  • There are 11 seeds to chose from: nutrition, fitness, stillness, emotions, weight distribution, balance, flexibility, rhythm, Integrative band, partnering, and personalize 5.  For example, you can plant 5 seeds with a walk around the neighborhood with a friend, family member, or pet-- fitness, balance, rhythm, emotion, and partnering. Another example, easily three seeds if you have a stretching routine, add a moment of silence and examine your weight distribution while sitting and standing up. Choices are nurturing the active seeds, planting new seeds, or even weeding.
  • 5 minute practices are often overlooked. While I was ballroom dancing competitively and training horses full time, at the end of the day I would frequently only had 5 minutes to practice dancing. I was surprising how effective and important the short amount of time helped me continue progressing if I was focused and present.
  • Likewise, a 5 minute practice can lead to a longer practice. The investment in one's self is the focus. If I carved out 5 minutes, it wasn't uncommon for it to turn into 10 minutes or more.
  • Selfseeds is a personalized, holistic program that helps you "find time," support awareness, and infuse harmony into your life.
  • Have fun discovering how easy and transforming “Just 5 minutes” can be!